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Play Me

Play against Magnus Carlsen at 19 different ages! Beginners will be able to try their hand at chess with 5-year-old Magnus while more experienced players can challenge older ages.The chess engine is tuned to play like Magnus Carlsen. There is no chess engine like it in the world!

Train with Me

Train with Me will give chess players of all levels the opportunity to train with Magnus. There are videos with animation for absolute beginners, as well as content for intermediate, advanced and expert players.

Play Live Challenge

Earn points towards qualifying to play Magnus Carlsen live! Magnus will invite lucky winners of all levels to the event. Each year, points are reset to zero, so everyone starts on an even playing field. See the full Rules & Regulations for Play Live here.

Praise for Play Magnus

“Play Magnus is a lot of fun for anyone even remotely interested in chess.”
The Verge — The Verge

“Whether you are an aspiring chess World Champion or just an amateur player, you’ve probably dreamt of beating reigning Chess king Magnus Carlsen… Now’s your chance.” wsj-wallstreetjournal-converted — The Wall Street Journal

“Unlike most impersonal computer programs, this app puts a face on the competition.” ChicagoTribune — Chicago Tribune

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