This November, alongside the World Chess Championship 2016, Play Magnus is back with the release of their second app. For those who have desired to learn from the World Champion of chess, in just over a month, not only will you be able to “Play Magnus”, you’ll be able to train with him as well! This new experience will give both beginner and intermediate players a focused path to train their abilities through multitudes of lessons and games.

Innovative mini-games have been designed by Magnus and his team of coaches and Grandmasters, that act as unique and powerful learning tools to improve various aspects of your chess ability. Additionally, carefully constructed and curated interactive lessons will allow add to the mini-games, allowing chess players of all skill levels to gain an understanding and mastery of the game. The app will provide an enjoyable and entertaining experience, even for beginners.

With just over a month until the World Chess Championships, Play Magnus is excited to see Magnus Carlsen back behind the paramount chessboard and to launch their new app, an ultimate chess training experience for learning and mastering the game.

Keep your eyes peeled on the iOS App Store this November!