SAS x Magnus Carlsen


SAS x Play Magnus

As the World Chess Championship in November quickly approaches, an exciting new partnership with Magnus Carlsen is set to launch above the clouds. Starting November 1st, SAS will be bringing the Play Magnus app to their in-flight entertainment systems as part of a new global partnership between SAS and Magnus Carlsen/Play Magnus. Through this new collaboration, the Scandinavian expertise in premier global flight will meet Scandinavian chess brilliance to provide an entertaining experience for chess players, new and old, all over the world.


A Full Chess Experience in the Air

At the start of each flight, Magnus will invite passengers in an introduction video to test their chess skills and challenge the World Chess Champion. For those who are new to the game, Magnus has created a series of six tutorials to help beginner and intermediate players fine-tune their chess skills and learn from the best. In addition to playing against Magnus ages 5 through 25, a new, historic multiplayer feature for Play Magnus will be implemented. Players will be able to battle other passengers in the same flight and in the future this feature will be expanded across all SAS flights, enabling passengers to play against each other on any SAS flight around the world. The SAS inflight entertainment system will also feature the new “Magnus” biography, which was recently released in Norwegian Cinemas this fall.


Through this new partnership, Magnus Carlsen continues his mission to expand the presence of chess around the world. We at Play Magnus are thrilled about this new collaboration and can’t wait to see passengers challenge Magnus and fellow travellers while thousands of meters above the ground.